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Jan 12, 2009 | By: John Serrao

Site Information

Hello and welcome to Nutrition Wonderland.  We specialize in explaining the world of nutrition.

We cover new developments in both the worlds of traditional and alternative medicine, break them down and help you make sense of your health in general.  We especially focus on the impact food has on the body and how that relates to disease. 

Our projects include detailed writing on nutritional subjects that matter to you, developing multimedia to help consumers with food purchases, uncovering and highlighting corruption related to the food/health industry when it occurs and occasionally testing products related to the field of nutrition.

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Enjoy the new site!

  • Sheree Burke

    Congratualtions! Good articles, and already I’m looking at the new Truvia product, so enjoyed the background article. Thanks for doing the research and commentary, and I look forward to checking back regularly. All the best,

    Sheree (and Jamie) Burke