Help Christie Win a Blogging Contest

Jun 5, 2009 | By: John Serrao


Do you love well researched posts about fats and raw veggies?.  Well our science feature writer Christie Wilcox wrote those and some other fabulous ones for her own personal blog Observations of a Nerd.  This particular nerd is so talented that she has been entered into a blogging contest where she has a chance to win $1000!

If you want to help Christie win, go to visit The Quark’s voting area and put a vote in for one of the ‘Observations of a Nerd’ posts:

  • Observations of a Nerd: A Marine Biologist’s Story: 1.66% (36 Votes)
  • Observations of a Nerd: Having Some Fun With Evolution: 0.18% (4 Votes)
  • Observations of a Nerd: The End of the Age of Man?: 1.75% (38 Votes)
  • Observations of a Nerd: Why I am not a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day: 0.09% (2 Votes)

Christie is doing well, but she needs your help to get into round 2.  Go vote!