Major Issue: Food Safety

Extent of Spinach Outbreak, CDC

Extent of Spinach Outbreak, CDC

With the giant outbreak of Salmonella in peanut butter during early 2009, food safety became a huge issue in the United States.  Very little new information had been published on the topic in some time, so we sought to remedy that problem with a three-part investigation into modern food safety.

With all the media hype, we looked to take a step back and review what has really been happening in America with regards to food safety. The result was not pretty.

Next, we went straight to the source of the modern food safety movement, if there even is such a thing. Marion Nestle published Safe Food and it represents the most exhaustive account on the subject to date. We handled it with as much care as we could – a book that is definitely worth your time in short.

Finally, we tried to look into the future of food safety by examining the policy angle of the situation. Numerous bills were floated in congress after the most recent peanut butter scare – all of them have serious problems with some nuggets of gold.