About Nutrition Wonderland

Nutrition Wonderland simplifies the world of nutrition for people so they can make informed decisions about their health.  We report on new developments in complementary medicine, sustainable agriculture, healthcare and food safety, educating our audience about the impact food has on health.  Our writers analyze the latest scientific discoveries and policy changes in detail to demystify the complexities surrounding food.  We empower everyone to take charge of their diet, their lives and their health.


We believe it is especially important to note the directional relationship between health and nutrition; we aim to use this website to elucidate how nutrition impacts health not just health in general.  If a major study comes out about a link between mercury and Alzheimer’s, most media will probably mention the association between mercury and Alzheimer’s, the publication in which it was published and little else.  They are horizontal, if you will – covering tons of subjects in very little depth.  This has been the paradigm of news gathering organizations for more than a century.

Our argument is that the Internet is full of this type of reporting and it no longer works in a world now fully saturated by the Information Age.  Today, information is so widely available that there is no significant benefit to acquiring more of it.  In fact, there is a major disincentive associated with information in the 21st century – confusion.  We are advancing a new model of reporting to address this dearth of insight.

Nutrition Wonderland has been designed as a vertical approach to news; we get to the bottom of each story that we over.  Our model is a reporting/guidance hybrid.  We show study results but, using the Alzheimer’s example from above, we also show how someone gets mercury poisoning and how that mercury got into their diet in the first place.  We might also show the political dimension of the story, conduct interviews with the appropriate authorities, etc.  Each article gives you the full picture of the story, not a meaningless headline that merely confuses you.

We realize this is a complex subject but this website is about more than news – it is about trust. Health and food are gigantic industries with many interests vying for your attention, some in a very dishonest way with millions of dollars behind them. Surely, that money will be waved in our direction from time to time as this site grows, and we may sponsor our site to ensure its viability, but we will never – and we mean never – allow any outside influence to sway our coverage of any topic whatsoever. We aim to be the trusted authority on all questions related to nutrition and we will not betray your trust in this respect.

As we cover more subjects, we will include detailed writing on nutritional subjects that matter to you, multimedia to help you with food purchases, highlight corruption related to the food/health industry when it occurs and occasionally test products related to the field of nutrition.  We will also be featuring book reviews, a chef’s view of nutrition, movie reviews, a mailbag column and plenty of other interesting features as time goes on.

Most of all, we are building a community around the idea that what you eat has a strong, direct impact on your health.  Every feature we add to this site revolves around helping you make this connection, the key to true wellness in our opinion.  We hope you find that this site advances that goal.

Feel free to email me with any concerns or suggestions,
John Serrao