Nutrition Wonderland’s Privacy Policy


What personal information do you gather?

There are multiple types of information we gather here.  They mostly include information you give us including email addresses, personal mailing addresses and phone numbers.  NONE OF THIS INFORMATION IS OBTAINED WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS AUTHORIZATION.  Whenever this personal information is obtained, clear and specific authorization will be asked for EVERY time.  The only information we obtain to which you do no expressly give to Nutrition Wonderland is an anonymous statistical record of what pages you visited on our website.


What is web traffic information and why are you tracking this?

Web statistics packages determine where a given user is coming from and how he/she uses our website.  These web stats are gathered, anonymized and aggregated together to give us a better understanding of the type of user that comes to Nutrition Wonderland on a regular basis.  No personal web surfing information about you is ever kept on our servers or distributed to any party whatsoever.  We will never sell your personal information, nor do we gather it.  End of story.


What about cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric bookmarks some websites will place into your browser to deeply track your browsing habits by sending your browsing history back to their server.  You have probably seen them on sites like, where it remembers who you are and customizes potential buying options based on your past searching behavior.  WE DO NOT USE ANY ‘TRACKING’ COOKIES’ WHATSOEVER.


How does the backend of Nutrition Wonderland work and what does that mean for my privacy?

Nutrition Wonderland extensively uses open source software such as the Linux operating system, the Apache webserver, MySQL databases, PHP code and the WordPress publishing platform – all freely available for you to download and inspect.  Open source technologies allow us to provide the best security against hackers and other derelicts by using crowdsourcing principles to find potential security holes.  We strongly believe transparency is the best security solution.

Beyond software, Nutrition Wonderland employs modern, standard compliant webcode that adheres to multiple safety and accessibility standards adopted the web’s governing body, W3C.  As such, these standards ensure reliable and safe interactions with the our website.


Additional Privacy Information:

Any personal information given to Nutrition Wonderland is not sold to any 3rd party marketers, spammers or other undesirables.  All information is safely kept in the Nutrition Wonderland’s encrypted and password protected contact database and only used as authorized (i.e. you asked to receive our newsletter, so we keep your email address and email you a copy of the newsletter when it becomes available).  Any information you do not feel comfortable with the Nutrition Wonderland keeping can be deleted upon request by simply emailing us.