Over the next couple months, I will be rolling out a new version of Nutrition Wonderland.  This update is substantial and will significantly effect this site – for the better I hope.  I have taken into account everyone’s suggestions on how to improve what I started here and think I have come up with an even better formula.

NW 2.0′s major initiative is to create more of a blog-centric portion of the site that better explains what is going on in the medical, nutrition and agricultural worlds.  Everyone has repeatedly told me there is such a need for an informed voice that shows the interplay between these issues that it does not make sense to ignore it any longer.  Currently, we only do this type of coverage on our Twitter page, but based on it’s substantial following, there appears to be a big need for more of this.

We will continue to offer you our feature stories at their 2-4X/month interval but the newer blog stories will roll at a much faster rate – think 4-5/day – and be much shorter in length.  This way we can highlight what’s important and use our feature stories to educate around those issues.  There are numerous other enhancements coming but this is the centerpiece of the changes.  (If this has you in huff right now, rest assured, we will offer a new set of RSS feeds if you want to opt out of receiving the new information and just stick to the old feature stories.)

My work on this whole project has slowed significantly over the summer as I pursued an interesting opportunity of sorts with the Rodale Institute up in Pennsylvania and as I work towards a masters in nutritional biochemistry.  Both opportunities have opened a whole new series of doors that will only serve to strengthen this site going forward.

September will see great progress – I will be sharing it with all of you shortly.