Nutrition Wonderland fans – great news for those of you on the go and want to read our information.  We have recently launched a completely new mobile site, optimized for touch-enabled devices like the iPhone, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One.  The site’s new URL is….drum roll please:

The mobile site works like magic – you don’t even know its there…

I know, you were hoping for some mobile specific domain but we’ve done you one better here.  Our site will auto-detect your mobile phone platform and redirect you to the new  mobile site.  It is designed to be navigated by your fingers rather than a mouse so anyone familiar with a smartphone should feel right at home.  All the articles are fed into the system at much larger font size, so you don’t need to do that multitouch magic to read them anymore.  You can even comment via your mobile phones!

Enjoy the new site – we would like to thank the good people at Brave New Code for their amazing software magic that makes most of this possible.  Any donations you can send their way would surely be welcome.  Let us know what you think.