Nutrition Wonderland’s 2009 Tour of America has begun! We are now in California, visiting with a host of organizations that are changing how agriculture and medicine are practiced. If you want to know more about our tour, check out an overview of our mission on this tour. See our stops in the interactive map below:

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Here is the latest list of who we are visiting out on the road during this first stretch of the journey and what we are doing there:

  • Hollywood Farmers Market – Hollywood/LA, CA: We will attend the largest farmers market in the Los Angeles metro area and speak with farmers about establishing a directory for all of their wares.
  • California Strawberry Association – Oxnard, CA: We will be discussing how Oxnard became the strawberry capital of the world, the renown festival and history of the areas.
  • USDA Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Expansion Session – Monterey, CA: We will be attending the USDA’s meeting on expanding this food safety initiative, weighing the pros and cons.
  • Wild Farm Alliance – Watsonville, CA: We will be talking with leaders of the organization about how to make conservation and sustainable agriculture co-exist in a world with limited resources.
  • University of California, Santa Cruz: Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems – Santa Cruz, CA: We will be discussing many of the complex conservation agreements the University researchers are engaging farmers with.
  • Rainbow Light Vitamins – Santa Cruz, CA: We hope to learn about the secret sauce that makes food form vitamins more effective at nutrient absorption than their regular counterparts.
  • – San Francisco, CA: We will be speaking with the founders of this organization that are using technology to help overcome some of the market obstacles facing better local food distribution for regional restaurants.
  • All Edibles Landscapes – Oakland, CA: Leaders of this organization will be teaching us the virtues of building micro-agricultural systems in small homeowner’s gardens.
  • University of California, Davis: MIND Institute – Sacramento, CA: UC Davis researchers will be showing us the progress behind the MIND Institute’s groundbreaking Autism Phenome Project, the largest pro
  • Lundberg Farms – Richvale, CA: One of the original pioneers in sustainable farming, we will speak to the famous rice farmers in Northern California about why they began promoting this style of farming before so many others.

We will post our pictures, stories and videos as we visit everyone. As you can see, we are already quite booked up but if you are interested in saying hello, drop us a line at mailto:[email protected]