Ever wonder who owns organic brands you see on the shelves in the grocery store? Better still – which of all these new organic brands belongs to whom?

Well, it turns out you have come to the right place. This chart lays out the parent companies of each major organic label you are likely to see in the supermarket and what food stuffs they are selling. We have broken the chart into two distinct groups – agribusiness and independent labels (extended methodology is available below the chart). We hope this helps you determine the true owners of your food.

Note: Both charts can be re-categorized by clicking on the column headings

Agribusiness Organic/Health Labels

Organic Label Parent Company Food Stuffs
Organic Wild Hop Lager Anheuser-Busch Beer Lager Beer
Green & Black’s Cadbury Schweppes Plc. Chocolate Bars and Ice Cream
Chunky – Healthy Request Campbell’s Soups
Organic Select Soups (discontinued?) Campbell’s Soup
Pace (Picante) Organic Campbell’s Salsa
Prego Organic Campbell’s Pasta sauces
Swanson Broth (Certified Organic) Campbell’s Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Broths
V8 (Organic) Campbell’s Tomato Juices, Soups
Gold Peak Tea The Coca-Cola Company Tea, ‘Natural’
Odwalla Juices The Coca-Cola Company Fruit Juices, Fruit Bars
ConAgra Mills ConAgra Wheat and Flours
Healthy Choice, All Natural ConAgra Frozen Dinners, Soups, Pizzas, Sauces
Hunt’s Organic ConAgra Ketchup, Tomatoes, Sauce
Orville Redenbacher’s Natural (Organic) ConAgra Popcorn
PAM Organic ConAgra Olive Oil and Canola Oil Sprays
Silk (White Wave) Dean Foods (Dairy) Soy Milk
Horizon Organic (White Wave) Dean Foods (Dairy) Organic Dairy Products (Butter, Milk, etc.)
Cascadian Farm General Mills Cereals, Granola, Frozen Fuits and Vegetables
Muir Glen General Mills Tomato Products and Soups
Arrowhead Mills Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Whole and Organic Grains
Celestial Seasonings Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Tea Products
Rice Dream Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Non-dairy Beverages, Ice Cream Susbstitutes
Soy Dream Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Non-dairy Beverages, Ice Cream Susbstitutes
Oat Dream Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Non-dairy Beverages, Ice Cream Susbstitutes
Almond Dream Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Non-dairy Beverages, Ice Cream Susbstitutes
Hemp Dream Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Non-dairy Beverages, Ice Cream Susbstitutes
Garden of Eatin’ Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Corn Chips
Health Valley Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Bars, Cereal, Cookies, Crackers, Soups
Imagine Foods Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Soups, Broths
Terra Chips Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Chips and Snacks
Walnut Acres Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Sauces, Salsas, Juices
Yves Veggie Cuisine Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Synthetic Meat Products
Boulder Canyon Natural Foods The Inventure Group Potato Chips
RW Knudsen Family Juices JM Smuckers Organic Juices
Santa Cruz Organic Juices JM Smuckers Juices, Spritzers, Peanut Butter, Sodas
Kashi Kelloggs Cereals, Waffle, Bars
MorningStar Farms Kelloggs Synthetic Meat Products
Back to Nature Foods Kraft (Altria/Philip Morris) Cereals, Granola, Cookies, Crackers
Boca Foods Kraft (Altria/Philip Morris) Synthetic Meat Products
Private Selection Organics Kroger Supermarkets Beverages, Dairy, Eggs, Produce, Meat and Snacks
Kettle Foods Lion Capital – UK Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, Nut Butters
O Organics (Safeway) Lucerne Foods Beverages, Dairy, Eggs, Produce, Meat and Snacks
Stone Mill Pale Ale MillerCoors (Michelob Brewing) Pale Ale Beer
Gerber Organic Nestle (Gerber) Baby Food, Juice, Cereal, Raviolis
Arrowhead (some fluoridated) Nestle Waters Water, 8oz – 5 Gallon Sized Bottles
Deer Park (some fluoridated) Nestle Waters Water, 8oz – 5 Gallon Sized Bottles
Ozarka (some fluoridated) Nestle Waters Water, 8oz – 5 Gallon Sized Bottles
Poland Spring (some fluoridated) Nestle Waters Water, 8oz – 5 Gallon Sized Bottles
Ethos Water Starbuck Water
Flat Earth Snacks PepsiCo – Frito Lay Veggie Snacks
Naked Juice PepsiCo Fruit Juices
Simple Harvest – Quaker Oats PepsiCo Oatmeal, BarsInstant Oatmeal
Tropicana Organic Orange Juice (possibly discontinued) PepsiCo Juices
Sara Lee Bread Sara Lee Bread Breads and Bakery Products
Earth Balance Smart Balance (formerly Boulder Specialty Brands, Inc.) Butter Spreads, Soy Spreads
Nature’s Farm (Organic Chicken) Tyson Chicken Chicken
Organic Ben & Jerry’s Unilever Ice Cream
Lipton PureLeaf Unilever Teas, ‘Natural’
Ragu Oragnic Unilever Pasta Sauce
Nature’s Pride Interstate Bakeries Breads
Brown Cow Dannon Yogurts
Honest Tea The Coca-Cola Company (40%) Teas
Baleine (La) Salt Les Salins du Midi Salt Products
Morton’s (Kosher) Salt Rohm & Hass Company Salts
Looza Pepsico Fruit Drinks
True North Snacks Pepsico (Frito Lay) Nuts and Nut Snacks
West Soy Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Soy and Rice Mlik
Smart Water (Glaceau) The Coca-Cola Company Water, Bottled
Vitamin Water (Glaceau) The Coca-Cola Company Water, Flavored
Propel Fitness Water Pepsico Water, Flavored
Sobe (Lifewater) Pepsico Water, Flavored, Tea
Aquafina Pepsico Water, bottled
Mother’s Natural Cereals Pepsico (Quaker Oats) Cereals, Rice Cakes
SunSpire Chocolate Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Chocolate Products
Jocalat Chocolate General Mills (Humm Foods) Chocolate Bars
Larabar General Mills (Humm Foods) Chocolate Bars
Nature Valley General Mills Bars
GoodEarth Teas Tata (Tetley) Teas Tea
Smart Products (SmartDogs, SmartBacon, SmartChili) ConAgra (LightLife) Meat Substitute Products
GimmeLean ConAgra (LightLife) Meat Substitute, Ground
Billington’s Sugar Associated British Foods, plc (UK) Sugar, Natural
Guiltless Gourmet The Manischewitz Company Chips, Dips, Cakes
Maranatha Foods Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Nut Butters, Peanut Butter
Near East Quaker Foods (PepsiCo) Middle Eastern Foods – Pastas, Pilafs, Falafel, Couscous
Tazo Tea Starbucks Teas
Stacy’s Snacks PepsiCo Chips – Pita + Bagel Chips
Imagine Foods Hain Celestial Group (HJ Heinz) Soups, Broths, Stocks
French Meadow Bakery Rich Product Corporation Bagels, Tortillas, Breads, Gluten-Free
Nantucket Nectars Cadbury Schweppes Juices, Nectars
Evian Dannon (Groupe Danone) Water, French Alps
Volvic Water Dannon (Groupe Danone) Water, Volcanic Origin
Fiji Water Roll International Water, Artesian
POM Products Roll International Juice, Energy Bars, Pills, Iced Coffee
Arizona Organics Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons Sweet Tea
Pearl Soy Milk The Kikkoman Group Soymilk
POM Wonderful Roll International Pomegranate Juice, Pomegranate Products
Old Bay McCormick Seasoning, Fish
Wholesome Sweeteners Imperial Sugar Sweeteners, Agave, Honey, Sugar

Independent Organic Labels

Organic Label Parent Company Food Stuffs
Bob’s Red Mill Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Whole Grains, Gluten Free, Flours, Seeds
Clif Bar/Nectar Fruit Organic Clif Bar & Company Vegan Energy Bars (Men)
Luna Bar Clif Bar & Company Vegan Energy Bars (Women)
Petaluma Poultry (Rocky/Rosie the Chicken) Coleman Natural Meats Chicken Products (Sustainable)
Earthbound Farms Organic Earthbound Farms Fresh Produce, Cookies, Dried Fruit
Peace Cereal Golden Temple (of Oregon) Cereals
Yogi Tea Golden Temple (of Oregon) Tea
Coleman Natural Beef Meyer Natural Angus Beef Only Products
Laura’s Lean Beef Company Meyer Natural Angus Beef Products, Humanely Raised
EnviroKidz Nature’s Path Kids Cereals, Energy Bars, Waffles, Cookies
Optimum Nature’s Path Cereals, Bars, Waffles, Breads
Weil by Nature’s Path Nature’s Path Bars, Hot Cereal, Waffles, Breads, Mixes
Organic Prairie Organic Valley Coop (1300+ farms) Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey
Organic Valley Brand Organic Valley Coop (1300+ farms) Dairy, Eggs, Juice, Meat, Soy and Produce
Wolaver’s Beers Otter Creek Brewery Ale Beers, Stout Beers
Pamela’s Pamela’s Products Cookies and Baking Mixes
Giving Nature Giving Nature Foods Eggs, Milk
Echo Farms Puddings Echo Farms Puddings Pudding
Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs Pete and Gerry’s Eggs (New England)
Murray’s Chicken Murray Bresky Chicken, Fresh + Humane
Piney River Organics Black Eagle Farm Yogurt, Dairy
Black Eagle Farm Dr Ralph Glatt Meats (Beef, Chicken, Goat, Pork, Lamb) – Virginia
Seven Stars Farm Seven Stars Farm Yogurt
Hawthrorne Valley Farm Hawthorne Valley Farm Yogurt/Dairy
Golden Valley Natural Roger H. Ball Beef Jerky (Idaho)
Zija Plant Miracle (Direct Level Marketing) Fruit Drink
Cell-nique Cell-nique Green Drink
Artisan Salts (Colored) Artisan Salt Company Salts, fancy
Redmond Real Salt Redmond Trading Company Salts and Seasonings
Lakewood Juices Florida Family Trust Fruit Juices
Dr. Praeger’s Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods Frozen Foods, Jewish Foods
Country Choice Organic Country Choice Cookies, Oatmeal
Eden Foods (Edensoy) Meridian Foods (UK) Snacks, Whole Grains, Beverages, Canned Foods, Japanese Foods
Maldon Sea Salt Maldon and Essex Salt Makers Salt
Suzie’s ??? Whole Grain Snacks
Ian’s Natural Foods Ian’s Natural Foods Kids Snacks, Entrees, Breakfast
Doctor Kracker (discontinued) Kracker Enterprises LLC Crackers
Lakefront Brewery Lakefront Brewery LLC Beer – Organic ESP
Cal Organic Cal Organic Produce
Grimmway Farms Cal Organic Produce
San J San Jirushi Corporation of Japan Soy Sauce, Tamari, Marinades
Blue Diamond Blue Diamond Growers Cooperative Almonds, Nut Thins, Almond Milk
XOXOXO (Chocolove) Chocolate Chocolove Inc. Chocolate Bars
Terra Nostra Chocolate KFM Foods International Chocolate Bars
Vivani Chocolate (German) Vivani (Internatural Foods, LLC) Chocolate Bars
Endangered Species Chocolate Company Endangered Species Chocolate, LLC Chocolate Bar
Theo Chocolate Theo Chocolate Chocolate Bars
Edward & Sons Edward & Sons Trading Company Japanese Food (Miso, Panko, Brown Rice Crackers)
Let’s Do…Organic Edward & Sons Trading Company Candy – Gummi Bears, Licorice, Tapioca
Native Forest Edward & Sons Trading Company Fruits and Vegetables (Canned)
Nature Factor Edward & Sons Trading Company Coconut Products
Premier Japan Edward & Sons Trading Company Sauces, Asian
Road’s End Organics Edward & Sons Trading Company Pastas, Mixes, Sauces
The Wizard’s Saucery Edward & Sons Trading Company Sauces, Vegan (great label!)
Samuel Smith Organic Beer Merchant du Vin Corporation (England) Beer (Ales, Stouts, Fruit Beers)
Newman’s Own Organics Newman’s Own Cookies, Snacks, Teas, Oils, Coffee
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water CG Roxane Water Company Water Products (Sierra Nevada Spring)
Vermont Mystic Pie Company Vermont Mystic Pie Company Pies
Sunergia Soyfoods Sunergia Soyfoods Soy Cheese, Tofu
Nasoya Foods Vitasoy Soy Products – Tofu, Sauces
Vitasoy Vitasoy Soy Milk
Azumaya Vitasoy Noodle Soup, Pasta, Wraps, Tofu
Lesser Evil Snacks Lesser Evil Brand Snack Company Snacks – Popcorn, Potato Sticks
New Morning Attune Foods Cereals
Erewhon Attune Foods Cereals
Oregon Chai Kerry Group, PLC Tea, Chai
Choice Organic Teas Granum, Inc. Tea
Alvita IdeaSphere Inc. Tea
BossaNova Suprefruit Juice Bossa Nova Company Juices with Acai Berry
Zoe’s Granola Zoe’s Foods Granola, Energy Bars, Cereals
thinkOrganic, thinkGreen think Brands Energy Bars
ECO Meal EcoMeal Inc. Dairy, Nuts, Grains, Beverages
popchips Popchips Company Potato Chips
Pannela Pannela Foods LLC Juices, Cane Sugar Based
I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter (Trader Joe’s SoyNut Butter) The SoyNut Butter Company Soy-based Peanut Butter Substitute
Funky Monkey Snacks Funky Monkey Snacks Fruit, Dried
Wedderspoon Honey (New Zealand) Wedderspoon Organic Inc. Honey, Manuka Variety
mix 1 Tri-Us LLC Beverages, Protein Drinks, Energy Bars
Melitta Coffee Melitta Coffee USA Coffee
Baronet Coffee Baronet Gourmet Coffee Inc. Coffee
Yummy Earth Lollipops YummyEarth Candy, Lollipops
Hearts & Minds Hearts & Minds LLC Peanut Butter, w/ Omega-3
Eddie’s Pasta InterNatural Foods Pasta
O.N.E. Natural Experience O.N.E. World Enterprises Beverages, Fruit
Manitoba Harvest Manitoba Harvest Hemp Products (Milk, Seed, Protein, Oil)
Living Harvest Hempmilk Living Harvest Foods, Inc. Hemp Milk and Hemp tofu
Texmati, Jasmati (Rice Select) RiceSelect Rice, Rice Blends
Madhava – Sweeteners Madhava Honey Sweeteners – Honey, Agave
FruitaBu FruitBu Fruit Snacks, Tea
Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Right Foods Soups, Oatmeal
Cafe Altura Clean Foods, Inc. Coffee
Tasty Bite Indian Preferred Brands International Indian, Thai Foods
Scarpetta Sauces Sauces ‘n Love Tomato Sauce, Italian Fine Foods
Annie Chun’s Meals Noodle Bowls, Sushi, Sauces
FoxRiver Rice Fox River Rice, Inc. Rice Blends
Sensible Foods Sensible Foods LLC Dried Fruit
Rapunzel Family Owned Baking Products, Chocolate, Oils, Mixes
Koyo Organic None Japenese Foods – Udon Noodles, Sauces, Rice Cakes
Real Foods Company Real Foods Company Commercial Foods – Tzatziki, Sauces, Side Dishes
Harvest Bay Beverages Harvest Bar Company Beverages – Coconut, Acai Berry
Ener-G Foods Ener-G Foods, Inc. Grain Products – Breads, Cookies, Pastas, Flours, Cereals
Steaz Beverages Healthy Beverage Company Teas – Iced Teas, Energy Drinks
Old Wessex Ltd. Old Wessex Ltd. Hot Cereal, Oatmeal
Woodstock Farms Woodstock Farms Inc. Grains, Applesauce, Canned Goods, Condiments, Juices, Milk, Salads
Go Naturally Hillside Candy Hard Candies
BoraBora Bars Wellements Bars Energy Bars
Cafe Sanora Wellements Coffee
Green Mountain Gringo TW Garner Food Company Chips, Salsa
Vita Spelt Purity Foods Inc. Bread Products – Cereals, Flours, Granola, Pastas, Pretzels
Food Should Taste Good Sherbrooke Capital Chips – Exotic, Snacks
Miguel’s Organic Chips Middlebury Partners Chips, Salsa, Plantains
Rising Moon Rising Moon Organics Italian Foods – Pastas, Pizzas, Ravioli
Bionaturae Euro-USA Trading Co., Inc. Pastas, Olive Oil, Tomato Sauces, Fruit Spreads
Wildwood Pulmuone Wildwood Soy and Tofu Products
Whole Soy and Co Whole Soy and Co Soy Yogurt and Ice Cream
Natural by Nature Natural by Nature Dairy – Milk, Cream, Cheese, Yogurts
Applegate Farms Applegate Farms – (Dietz & Watson partnership) Meat – Cold Cuts, Frozen Beef, Hot Dogs, Bacon
Himalania Organic Himalania Goji Berries, Pink Salt
Alvarado St. Bakery Alvarado St. Bakery Breads, Sprouted Grain, Bagels, Tortillas
Annie’s Naturals Solera Capital Dressings, Marinades, Sauces, Condiments
Pacific Natural Foods Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc. Soups, Teas, Soy, Pizzas, Mates
365 Organics Whole Foods Beverages, snacks, supplements
Barbara’s Bakery Barbara’s Bakery Inc (Sunfield Farms) Cereal, Snacks
ZenSoy ZenSoy Soy Pudding, Soy Milk
SweetLeaf Sweetener Wisdom Natural Brands (United American Industries, Inc) Stevia Products
Vitalicious Vitalicious, Inc. Snacks, low calorie
Healthy Handfuls Healthy Handfuls, Inc. Snacks
Attune Probiotic Bars Attune Foods Energy Bars
Melissa’s World Variety Produce, Inc Produce Baskets, exotic
Amy’s Foods Amy’s Kitchen, Inc. Frozen foods, Soups, Pizzas, Snacks
Lundberg Family Farms Lundberg Family Rice, Rice Products, Snacks
Tony Chacere’s Family Owned Seasoning, Sausage, Turduchens
The Republic of Tea The Republic of Tea Teas
Numi Tea Numi LLC Teas, Bottled Tea
Traditional Medicinals Traditional Medicinals Herbal Teas


Our distinction for calling a brand agribusiness is based on whether or not they are part of a corporate conglomerate whose main focus is not organics. Parent companies whose primary business is organics were placed in the independent category because often, they were the pioneers in using organic, healthy ingredients in the marketplace long before it was a popular choice.

Many of the brand labels you see listed in the ‘Agribusiness’ section (like Green & Black’s for example) were once organic pioneers in their respective fields – so this may cause you some confusion; thats exactly why this chart was made. Many (but not all) agribusiness interests count on you not being able to associate their organic labels with the parent company. We believe this is a dishonest practice. With the price premiums that are now attached with organics, buyers need to understand the marketplace more fully so they can make educated decisions.

Mind you, this is not a slight against agribusiness. We long for the day when Unilever and Kraft offer only organic products. Additionally, we are not suggesting that these agribusiness firms are no longer innovating – quite the contrary. Organics are one of the major agribuisness initiatives currently sweeping over the food marketplace and that is great for everyone. Still, a destinction needs to be made between market participants for whom organics is just another market segment versus companies that have fully embodied organic product lines from Day 1.

We have also chosen to include firms owned by venture capitalists and private investors as independent, even though most of these brands are likely being built to be sold to agribusiness interests at a later date for substantial profit.

Also note that this chart is designed for an American audience. International ones may follow if demand warrants.

If you have additional information to add to this chart, please contact Nutrition Wonderland at [email protected]. Please include any necessary references.



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