Nutrition Wonderland marches eastward towards Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado after an incredibly interesting time in California learning about development + agriculture in Oxnardfood safety in Montereysustainable farming in Watsonville, and a few other stories we are still putting together.

As we enter the intermountain west of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, our topics shift a bit. This region is more focused on the complimentary health care movement, whereas California was more focused on advancing agriculture to a new place. Both movements are intertwined, as we have repeatedly been demonstrating for you, and it is important that you being to see them as one movement. Take a look at some of the areas we will be visiting in the next couple weeks:

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Explore the interactive map above to learn where who we will be speaking with. Its an interesting list that spans universities, corporations, the Navajo Nation, and a little balloon festival thrown in there for good measure.

Additionally, we also apologize to some of our fans for the downtime on the website this weekend. Our hosting provider unexpectedly moved us over to a new server and it caused a litany of problems for us. We are back and appreciate your patience with the matter.

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